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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wow... Emo...

I can still see your head on my pillow,
The tears stain the pink.
But now I move,
And the indent is gone.
Your smell stains the duvet,
Let me wrap up in you.
When it slowly fades away,
What's left when its gone?
You dominate my thoughs and my dreams,
Come hold me close to you.
Brush my hair,
Kiss my brow,
Make me whole again...

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I wanna go back to NY!!!

So I just got back to school yesterday from a long weekend trip to see my sister (Isy) in NY where she lives. I miss it and I want to go back!! The weather here is cold and rainy and I don't enjoy it in the slightest!! NY was HOTT, it was awesome. And they took me to the zoo, I mena really, what more could a girl ask for? Skirt weather, giraffes and monkies. And no, I do not know how to spell giraffe lol. So anyway! I got my hair cut! Yay! I actually got like 4 inches off, it was great! it looks healthy again! still long in any respect, but short for me! My hair hasn't been this short since it was growing out of it's mullet stage... oops, forget I said that one *embarassed face* Other than that not too too much is new, exams start tomorrow for me and continue one a day until next Monday. I suppose its really not all that bad, I mean, I used to do that every year in high school right? One exam a day for a week, so if I lived through it then I can live through it now... I hope!! Then I get to go home for a bit then back here for (yay) intersession. PS everyone, I will be alone in my house for 3 weeks at the end of it so I will be appreciative of visits! Ask me and I will fill in details. So yeah, can't wait for June 14th!! I want the summer to come!! Love and kisses to all, I am off to pizza Delight for supper, no more meal hall for me!! (this will be upheld until my money runs out... which will be soon haha)

PS studying schmudying.... HELP!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Alive and well!

Well, it has come to the last of the year and of course the nursing proffs seem to want to kill us. I swear, they all know what the other classes are assigning and they get together in the dungeon with cloaks on and sit in a circle and laugh evilly and make out plans with each other to see how slow and painful they can make our lives be while we are under their power. Not bitter.. never!! Not me!! Anyway, we had a project (presentation and paper) exam, midterm and biggest exam of our lives all in one week pretty much. I hate them.

Speaking of biggest exam of my life.. I PASSED!! It is the skills exam where you have to do a head to toe physical exam on a client and by client I mean partner from the class, aka my friend Andrea. We know each other wayyyy too well, it scares me. Anyway, the exam is the biggest stress of a second year's life, we have 40 minutes to do the whole exam (I ran out of time, but I still did a good job!!) and then 30 minutes to document EVERYTHING that we see. I was scared. I actually came out of the exam thinking that I had failed (since i ran out of time and forgot some stupid tests along the way) I was to the point where I wanted to just go to my conference with the proff and have her say you failed, this is what you can do to improve for the retest (we get two chances then we have to repeat the year and no interesession). I walked into the room (honestly swaying because I have never failed anything before, especially something this important) and she looks up and says "You did a FABULOUS job! You were so organized and calm!" I don't know who she was watching but I am damn happy lol

Two weeks to go. Then New York to see sister Isabelle (yay! I love seeing Isy, I never get to see her!) with my mommy. Then intersession and finally, on July 13th (a day after my 21st birthday) I get to go to Europe with my mommy! I cant wait! Sucks to be away from home for alot of the summer but I will deal I think considering what I am doing instead. I admit it finally. Being the baby has some advantages.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

sick... dieing...

Okay, so I got this cold and now I am dieing. I was up all last night coughing until my eyeballs hurt,honestly hurt! It was kinda of sad because I have cough medicine and I was sitting here with it but it has one of those damn child proof caps. Apparently they are Sally proof. I tried for an hour straight, even resorting to trying to pry it open with my metal nail file, and needless to say I went to bed coughing and didn't get any relief. I wish I had a camera to see the desperation in my eyes as I reached for the nail file. Well, at least my sickness is more resembling a cold than the flu it felt like the other day. St FX is infected, well, at least everyone I know is that goes here. Nessa didn't even get out of bed all day yesterday. I just thank God that I have my own bathroom on days like those.

So Al, Bruce, Tim, Chris, Nathan and Steve all came down last weekend. It was so much fun! I love having people from home here! In the end 5/6 of them had a story to tell, Al and Tim's involved the drunk tank lol. So I thought that was going to be the last I see of them until about June when I get back from intersession, but Megs, Al and Cory are all coming up this Saturday!! I am SO excited!! Yay for visits from home!!

Back to coughing up my lungs, talk to you all later!

Monday, March 13, 2006


Today I had to watch a movie in healthy aging about sexuality in the older adult. The whole point of us watching the movie was to understand that they have sexual needs as well as we do, and to accept and be comfortable with it, but I still left the class thinking ew... I don't want to see that, know about it or anything! I suppose that is the same with any age group really though, I mean, who really wants to know about someone else's personal, ahem, VERY personal life? Does that make me a bad person in realtion to nursing and older adults? I sure hope not.. because really... eww!! haha sorry, bit of a ramble but I wanted to get it out.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I suck**Just found this unfinished and unposted

I officially suck at keeping this blog updated! But I will try harder! I am doing better than the summer at least!

Wow, where to begin!

So I have been home quite a few nights this year, which is good for my health! The first was Thanksgiving weekend which was fun! I think I may have seen my mother twice, the rest of the time was spent at Jana, Emo and Mimi's apartment. I feel like they are so grown up, all moved out and living on their own. I am so jealous of all you kids that don't live at home! Well, not that I have such a bad set up at home, I just don't think I can take another summer of "Sally, I can't keep your hours!" lol but you all know I love my mommy more than life itself (dork = me)

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Adam and Keltie

In the chair....

Outta the chair!

Me and Jussy after the bar

Juss, Megs and Me

Mimi and her sour cream :)

The girls and Bob George Mimi II (The M&M)