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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Oh the anticipation!

So Saturday night is the Plessis Prowl (our house, Plessis, is the Panthers. Panthers, Prowl? clever isn't it!) and I am SUPER excited! haha, well not so excited for the day but for the pub crawl that night! It's pretty much a drink all day day, kinda like homecoming all over again, which means that I get to be on duty from about 11 in the morning until about 8 that night. IF ANYONE IS SICK... BEWARE *menacing glare* haha it'll be great anyway. I'm on duty with Beth and Bryan so basically we are watching the OC season 1 all day and trying to get Bryan hooked. He still maintains that the show is horrible, even the lesbians didn't get him addicted! Weird isn't he?

I just realized how slack I am, I haven't written since before Easter! Alrighty, first things first then... PATRICK CAME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, I was SO excited! I was scrolling through my MSN list and I saw Pat's name "Pat - I'm HOME!" and I freaked out! It all fell into place, Adam telling me there was a surprise visit, Pat telling me his mom got tickets but he wouldn't be able to be home... Basically they're both liars, but the surprise was worth it!!
Erin Schryer was home too and it was really nice to see her! I was sad, I hadn't really hung out with her in a long time and I didn't really get to see her for long, but we made a promise to hang out when we're both home next! haha I think I made that promise to a lot of people that night, Dawn... Mikey Beaton... and others! (Those are the two I remember but I definitely said it to more) Well, whoever I promised, I will stick to it! Drunk girls words, sober girls thoughts.

There really wasn't anything too exciting that happened other than that this weekend that I feel like writing down :) haha no comments from the peanut gallery! PS Jenn - Do you remember me telling you "Don't worry, I'm sober and I can make my own decisions. I know what I am doing." ? Wow, how did I think that you were going to believe that? Anyway! Needless to say, my big plan failed miserably, but I did make it home in time for an Easter egg hunt!

Speaking of which, my sister sucks! Do you know how not cool it is when you only get to bed at about 5 and then your sister wakes you up at 8 to hunt for Easter eggs because she's greedy and wants to eat chocolate? Yeah, not so impressed! THEN big brother comes home and lo and behold, it's 9:30 and he thinks, what will make me more happy then to drag my baby sister out of bed and make her come talk to the family. Yeah, family is great fun... Not that I don't love them and everything, but remind me not to have so many of them next time. At least not so many that love to see me doing anything but sleep. I guess the benefit was that my sister in law knew I was hung over and so she was telling me where she could see eggs so I didn't really have to use any brain power. She's cool like that, although I think it was her evil plan to get me out of bed in the first place... hahah and oh yeah, you all know Jane? Obviously it was her that wanted the chocolate and mom told her that she was only allowed to find 10 eggs because she had only hidden 20 and I was supposed to get half. Well, by the time I was done I had 20 and I know Jane only took her 10, isn't my mommy cute?

Anyway, c'est tout! I'm off to finish memorizing a bio essay on antibiotic resistance (oh wait, did I mention that we learned everything from this course from Mr. Gallant in like grade 11?) Riiiight, I love it! At least I don't have to do much work for it! Bye bye!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Just a quick one...

Just a very quick note to say

MAC WON BURMAC!!!!!!!!!!
I know none of you are as excited as I am about this, but after losing for 4 years in a row, they deserved it! It was a really good game, kinda dirty, but good none the less! Both teams played really well, and it took double over time to find a winner. Yay Mac!!!!

I feel the need to recite Mac's house cheer:

We're MacIsaac Assholes,
We're raiders of the night.
We're dirty sons of bitches,
We'd rather fuck than fight.
We carry wooden nickles,
And trojan condoms too.
We're MacIsaac Assholes,
So who the fuck are you?!

pleasent isn't it?

Nighty night, yay Mac! :D

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Long day ahead..

So Burmac has arrived once again. Incase you don't know what Burmac is, it's a hockey game between the two largest rival houses on campus, Burke and Mac (My old rez!). Anyway, basically it's going to be a HUGE gongshow, so we're all on duty for like the entire day. I think the first shift was at 12 and we go until 4... am. Fun eh? Makes me want to cry!!! At least I'm off at 12, cept I have to get up for 7 so that outta be great!

Speaking of crying, has everyone read Adam's blog today? :( Holy sad! It was all about how people don't keep in touch and how this summer we're not all going to be home (which is sad enough as it is) but I have one thing that might make it better! My mom is always telling me how we're so much different than all my other (that's right, all 7 of them!) siblings and their friends. She was telling me that after the first summer away nobody hung out together at all. We've made it past that! Go us! Annnd, even though we don't call each other everyday, we still love each other (at least I love you all!!) Anyway, I just wanted to add that in because I was left feeling all sappy and sad after reading Adam's.

So I'm coming home tomorrow! Yay! And I hear Erin Schryer's going to be home too, that'll be nice to see her since I haven't since last summer really. haha okay, I guess people do lose touch, but Im still as close to my girls and guys as ever... just not some of my other friends. Which isn't good, but it's better than nothing! I don't want to lose my family! Gah! Anyway!!! Garrett will be home when I get there too, which is even more exciting since I haven't really hung out with him since Thanksgiving of 2003. Wow, that was a long time ago!

Well, it's time for class, I'm off! Just one more thing before I go. I would just like to remind everyone that Adam Leclerc and I have been going out for 4 years and 2 days haha wonderful eh? I'd just like to thank Mr. Thorne for bringing us together and Adam for not letting me end this a long time ago :P heehee, k, I'm done!


Okay, this has to be said, the only reason this is on here is because I can't figure out any other way to get my pic for my profile!

Me and Beth on St. Patty's Day!

Jason, Me and Bethany before Doug's Birthday

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Fun times on duty!

Last night was a blast! If you call cleaning someone else's mess a blast that is... Wow I love my job! The best part was that Bethany was sick so she had to get Bryan to go on duty with me instead, not that I don't love Bry or anything, but I felt really bad for her... And, well, whatever she gets pertaining to colds or flu I am next in line for, so I'll probably be afflicted with something soon... Yay!

I've decided that I hate the picture thing on here, I've downloaded it, then it just decided that it hates me and does not explain how to upload the pictures onto here. Hmmm... I might have figured it out! I'll know soon enough I guess.

As a side note: Mmm the smells of residence... Someone has some overpowering cherry scent drafting through the halls and it is mixing with someone's popcorn, that along with my airfreshener is quite lovely!

Anyway, short post but I must be off to finish up psych, yay for in-class essays!

Friday, March 18, 2005


Well, last night, Saint Patrick's Day, was AMAZING! We had a pub crawl, which turned into another one stop crawl since the line was huge at one place and our only other pub besides Pat's Place had a live band. It was still a great night though! We even had covert operations, which is always awesome! I ended up forgetting where my keys were so Hunter walked me home to let me in and ended up staying up till 4 with me trying to find Bryan (who had the keys) and then just talking. The best part? This morning Beth was all scared when she was talking to me because she thought I picked Hunter up... Great! I loved it anyway, it was funny since he was just being a nice guy and letting me in the house. Weird how people automatically assume that if you are coming in from the bar asking for your keys when a guy is near that you two are hooking up. Not exactly a normal course of action for me!

Tonight was even more interesting though since it was Plaser, a talent show between Plessis (my house), Fraser and Lane. My staff decided, Hey! Let's do a dance together! How about Brittany Spears, I'm a Slave for You? It was great I must say. You see, my staff has myself, Bethany, Michelle, and then Bryan and Richard. Bryan it wasn't too too bad, we dressed him up in one of those little kid fuzzy animal costumes you can get for Halloween, zebra being the animal of choice. And on top of that he isn't... well, he isn't Richard. Rich is one of our resident Newfs, and he's a big motha! I'd say 6 foot something and he's not exactly small, I mean, his favorite phrase is No Gut No Glory. Enough said? Anyway, we decided to dress Rich up as Brittany Spears, wig, makeup, see through skimpy shirt and all. Wow. I wonder how many people will ever erase that image from their minds... Rich dressed as a woman riding in ontop of zebra-bry... Luckily I was facing the other way :) Sadly, the president of my house thought that it was a great idea to videotape the night and put it on the campus hub... And no, I will not let any of you see it when I get home! Did I mention that us girls were wearing hot pink bras and thongs over our clothes? Riiiiight....

Anyway! 5 weeks then home!! Oh wait, I almost forgot! 6 DAYS TILL I COME HOME! Heehee... I really didn't forget, did you?

Nighty night kids, early to bed early to rise for psych

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Way too much to do!!

So it's come down to 5 weeks left of school, and everything seems to be happening at once! We had two pub crawls, an award show, class, two inclass essays and more!!! Oh well! it's all okay because I just found ten dollars! This week went by really fast, I can't believe that tomorrow is Saint Patty's day and our Bishop's pub crawl. Which reminds me, Happy Bithday Patrick!!! I tried to call but whoever answered was cutting out! Anyway! Myself and my staff have been working hard on our performance for Plaser ( a talent show between Plessis Lane and Fraser houses) which is going to be awesome!! haha we are doing a lip sync and dance to Brittany Spears I'm a Slave. It's going to be great! No pictures though, I never want this to come back and haunt me!!!
Tonight was interesting too because I got to wacth Lisa Belanger shanve her head for Head for a Cure, it was great! The hairdresser refused to chave her bald so she has a fuzzy head, luckily for her she looks cute with short hair. All in all there were a ton of people who shaved their heads, and they raised a lot of money so that was really good! Lisa got over 2000 all by herself! I was impressed! Ah! I forgot! Bethany, my senior RA, evil twin and best friend here was the one who made me go tonight and she decided it would be a good idea to grow both our hair all summer and all next year so that we can donate our hair to the cause. This outta be good! Hopefully my hair is long enough so that I can just get it cut short and not have to shave it completely. We'll see what happens though!

Anywho!! Enough is enough! I'll be home in a week (YAY!!Excited!) I'll talk to everyone then, and Happy Birthday Pati again!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Okay, so this seems to be what everyone is doing now... Peer pressure!! haha This is just a little entry to see how this all works, I will write more later when it is not 3 in the morning and I am not this tired. It's bed time for me for now though, I'll try to tell everyone that this is here.... if I remember haha Night!

Oh and by the way, I have no idea how to do ANYTHING on here :S I am going to need some help from you guys! Especially, how do I put a picture in my profile and on here? Any ideas will be appreciated!