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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Fun times on duty!

Last night was a blast! If you call cleaning someone else's mess a blast that is... Wow I love my job! The best part was that Bethany was sick so she had to get Bryan to go on duty with me instead, not that I don't love Bry or anything, but I felt really bad for her... And, well, whatever she gets pertaining to colds or flu I am next in line for, so I'll probably be afflicted with something soon... Yay!

I've decided that I hate the picture thing on here, I've downloaded it, then it just decided that it hates me and does not explain how to upload the pictures onto here. Hmmm... I might have figured it out! I'll know soon enough I guess.

As a side note: Mmm the smells of residence... Someone has some overpowering cherry scent drafting through the halls and it is mixing with someone's popcorn, that along with my airfreshener is quite lovely!

Anyway, short post but I must be off to finish up psych, yay for in-class essays!


At 11:07 p.m., Blogger Jenn said...

Ok so ya the picture thing is a bitch, but I will show you how to get your pics on you rblog when you come home, and as for the whole profile pic yea your going to have to ask Pat about that one because he totally hooked me up!!!!

At 11:06 a.m., Blogger Adam said...

Yah i just figured out how to do the pic thing on my profile today, rather impressed I am mind you. So yah...Good times in the Maritimes. I got nothing else to say :(

Peace out,


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