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Friday, March 18, 2005


Well, last night, Saint Patrick's Day, was AMAZING! We had a pub crawl, which turned into another one stop crawl since the line was huge at one place and our only other pub besides Pat's Place had a live band. It was still a great night though! We even had covert operations, which is always awesome! I ended up forgetting where my keys were so Hunter walked me home to let me in and ended up staying up till 4 with me trying to find Bryan (who had the keys) and then just talking. The best part? This morning Beth was all scared when she was talking to me because she thought I picked Hunter up... Great! I loved it anyway, it was funny since he was just being a nice guy and letting me in the house. Weird how people automatically assume that if you are coming in from the bar asking for your keys when a guy is near that you two are hooking up. Not exactly a normal course of action for me!

Tonight was even more interesting though since it was Plaser, a talent show between Plessis (my house), Fraser and Lane. My staff decided, Hey! Let's do a dance together! How about Brittany Spears, I'm a Slave for You? It was great I must say. You see, my staff has myself, Bethany, Michelle, and then Bryan and Richard. Bryan it wasn't too too bad, we dressed him up in one of those little kid fuzzy animal costumes you can get for Halloween, zebra being the animal of choice. And on top of that he isn't... well, he isn't Richard. Rich is one of our resident Newfs, and he's a big motha! I'd say 6 foot something and he's not exactly small, I mean, his favorite phrase is No Gut No Glory. Enough said? Anyway, we decided to dress Rich up as Brittany Spears, wig, makeup, see through skimpy shirt and all. Wow. I wonder how many people will ever erase that image from their minds... Rich dressed as a woman riding in ontop of zebra-bry... Luckily I was facing the other way :) Sadly, the president of my house thought that it was a great idea to videotape the night and put it on the campus hub... And no, I will not let any of you see it when I get home! Did I mention that us girls were wearing hot pink bras and thongs over our clothes? Riiiiight....

Anyway! 5 weeks then home!! Oh wait, I almost forgot! 6 DAYS TILL I COME HOME! Heehee... I really didn't forget, did you?

Nighty night kids, early to bed early to rise for psych


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