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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Way too much to do!!

So it's come down to 5 weeks left of school, and everything seems to be happening at once! We had two pub crawls, an award show, class, two inclass essays and more!!! Oh well! it's all okay because I just found ten dollars! This week went by really fast, I can't believe that tomorrow is Saint Patty's day and our Bishop's pub crawl. Which reminds me, Happy Bithday Patrick!!! I tried to call but whoever answered was cutting out! Anyway! Myself and my staff have been working hard on our performance for Plaser ( a talent show between Plessis Lane and Fraser houses) which is going to be awesome!! haha we are doing a lip sync and dance to Brittany Spears I'm a Slave. It's going to be great! No pictures though, I never want this to come back and haunt me!!!
Tonight was interesting too because I got to wacth Lisa Belanger shanve her head for Head for a Cure, it was great! The hairdresser refused to chave her bald so she has a fuzzy head, luckily for her she looks cute with short hair. All in all there were a ton of people who shaved their heads, and they raised a lot of money so that was really good! Lisa got over 2000 all by herself! I was impressed! Ah! I forgot! Bethany, my senior RA, evil twin and best friend here was the one who made me go tonight and she decided it would be a good idea to grow both our hair all summer and all next year so that we can donate our hair to the cause. This outta be good! Hopefully my hair is long enough so that I can just get it cut short and not have to shave it completely. We'll see what happens though!

Anywho!! Enough is enough! I'll be home in a week (YAY!!Excited!) I'll talk to everyone then, and Happy Birthday Pati again!


At 10:28 a.m., Blogger Jenn said...

Hooray! You have a blog now! So are you coming home for Easter? I gtg ttyl hun!!! Luv ya! Jenn


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