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Monday, April 11, 2005

Exam time!

I haven't been posting, but it's not my fault! All of you know how easily I get distracted and that I will find any excuse to procrastinate, so I have been trying really hard to just be good and study. Thus far it has worked! Minus the quiz that took FOREVER to fill out... Damn you Aaron Belyea!! :P And of course my new lava lamp... I can't stop staring at it, it's getting bad! Anyway, I did post one other post, but I was a little tipsy and I was a little not sure I wanted everyone to be reading what I had wrote... well, more than a little. Nobody should be reading that except Beth since I said most of it to her already anyway :) haha If you really want to know wait till I've been drinking and ask me then. Speaking of drinking, that's another reason I haven't been posting. See, before exam time I was getting in the last of the fun I could have this year before I had to study, so I hadn't had much time between classes and going out to write. And well, I could have posted a drunken post but well, see above! Vicious circle. PS Congrats to Pati on getting Coleman to finally post a blog, must have been hard work, I know how stubborn he is!

Nothing too much has been going on around here since it's 22 hour quiet hours. It's nice, I get to do a round at 8, which means walking up the stairs to third then back down. As long as I don't hear anything then I am done, except for a round at 10 which involves shutting the lights off as well as walking. Tough job eh? And by the way, what's up with schools having 23 hour quiet hours? aka UNBF. What about MUN? I think I'd go nuts! haha not that 22 is much better.

I think that I am becoming addicted to cafe mochas from Timmy's. I love them! The sugar and the coffee keep me awake and I don't have to resort to stupid things like caffeine pills like my bright friends Rich and Bryan. Silly newfie Rich and his quick fixes (no offense to any Newf who may be reading this, especially Pati cuz you know I love ya!).

So is it a bad thing that I feel like blowing everything off tomorrow and going out drinking? I think that I have been studying too hard, I mean I am actually studying 4 days in advance of an exam. For me that's amazing since I tend to leave everything to the last second. But there's the problem of getting someone to come with me... I wonder if it can be managed... Hmmm.. Ah well, we'll see!

Oh yeah! This is for all my girls at home: Due to recent events which made me discover how stupid boys are (not all of them... just certain ones!) I decided that when I get home we are all going out, at least all us single chickies and we are having a girls night! I've already told Justin about it, although I believe we called it more of a pick up night haha Anyway! I want all the girls there so pass this along if you read it! I am home on the 23rd, not this Saturday but the next (YAY!) so everyone get ready to go out and make sure someone has a camera, I am famous for forgetting mine so I won't rely on myself for that. Heads up to the boys, it's a girls night so beware, we will be traveling in groups and we may be bitter :S (Even though I know at least Belyea will be coming out, since it's always the girls and Aaron, s'okay though!)

Alrighty, back to nursing readings (blah!) I'll try to write soon, hopefully it's a post I will keep up here (aka nothing stupid said) Bye!


At 8:13 p.m., Blogger Jenn said...

Hey Sallers long time no talk and can't really right now because I'm studying ok, count me in on this girls night!!!!!!!!!!! I hope there is an abundant amount of alcohol involved!!!!!!!!!!!miss ya hun xox

At 10:56 a.m., Blogger Sally said...

Oh Jenn, don't you worry! We are going to be trashed! Should we bring someone who can retell us stories from the night before?

At 8:39 a.m., Blogger Adam said...

Girls night..pfft

At 6:39 p.m., Blogger Jenn said...

Yes yes we should! Like Adam!!


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