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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Long time no post...oops!

Well, between getting exams over with and packing up my life to come home I haven't had any time to post. Now that I am slacking at home here we go!

The last week of rez flew by. I had to slowly watch all my friends leave (well, I had to check them out and then they left, but ya know!) until all that was left was me and the other RAs in my building. 14 to be exact... actually, its 12 since two of them left early but meh! You know what I mean! It's weird how over spring break when I was there for a bit it seemed so empty, yet there were more people then, and when it was just the 12 of us it seemed so full. I think its because we all had our doors open and were roaming from room to room together. The saddest thing about the last week was that some mornings I was just too tired (lazy would probably be more appropriate) to open my door when I heard someone knocking, so I missed out on seeing a few of my friends leave. If Susan is reading this... SORRY!!!! Its funny because they all probably knew I was in there hiding under the covers since I do it so often.

We went out a few nights in the last week, but the best night was on Saturday when I got home, back to the good old 3 Mile. It was a blast! Quite the odd night, but awesome just the same. I saw pretty much everyone out, except Garrett but I am going to see him soon and Adam but I saw him the other night. PS Boo Adam for not wanting to come out! Anyway! I talked to/danced with Brad Carrier and it was HILARIOUS! We were discussing the finer points of our relationship... that's right, when we were 12! Can you even call that a relationship? It was definitely the best one I had though, no fighting, all good times! I say we all go back to the grade 6 kind of dating, much easier ya know, you don't even have to see the person for months but you're still going out! Anyway! After the lights came on I went to find someone to get a drive with and I couldn't find anyone, basically I was wandering outside the Mile all alone in a huge crowd of people until Emily saw me and called me over. I ended up driving home with her and Aaron, Matt, Dave, Lindsay and Chris MacLean and Justin Downing. What a weird combination! Justin ended up coming in for some water and we ended up talking about when we were friends when we were 3. A long night of reminiscing!

Wow... this post is way too long!!! Sorry bout that! That's everything, I'll try to post more often so they're not this long. Bye bye!


At 12:38 p.m., Blogger Jenn said...

I love long posts, and it definetly was a night to remember at the mile! You could have came home with us though we were the party taxi, wnet to McDOnald's and everything! But anyways I gtg and I really have to stop slacking with my blog as well hehehe, see ya tonight! OC party baby!

At 6:37 p.m., Blogger pat said...

"I had to check them out and then they left"
--Check them out? You mean check out their bums? Oooooh yeeeeeeah... That's hot. I assume they're chicks, of course!

Can't say I miss the Mile, but you make it sound fun! Ok... maybe semi-fun, but it IS the 3Mile, so you can't ask for too much. At least there was reminiscing involving, cause that makes it oh-so-much better!

Later Sally! Miss ya!


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