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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Blogathon Answers

Well, Patrick has interviewed me for the Blogathon. Here are my answers to his five questions and if anyone wants to be interviewed leave me a comment and I will oblige! Only catch is that you have to open yourself to give out interviews after you have been interviewed. Not so bad at all, only 5 questions! :)

1. Why do you call me "Pati" (full story)?
--> I don't think you remember this, but in grade 6 we were all trying to get the name Pattie to stick and of course you were not too pleased. You refused every attempt we made, even if we were staring you in the face calling you it you wouldn't answer. At the end of grade 6 we had almost given up, except for me since I am amazingly persistent. At the end of each year at beautiful Lakefield Elementary we recieved a year book and at the end there were two autograph pages. Since you were no longer affraid of me and we had become friends I asked you to sign the yearbook. You, being the sweet boy you are happily took the book and signed in perfect curvsy writing. When you handed me back the book I looked and to my astonishment you had signed the book Pati. In reality it was the start of an r I think for Patrick but since it was just the start it looked like an i so I dotted it and Pati was born!

2. What's your favourite personal story about a freaky place such as the Bone-yard, the Scary Church or whatever? (explain for those who don't know the background)
--> The Scary Church is a church that is supposedly haunted. It is hidden way back on this dark road behind the Irving Big Stop somewhere with the cliche graveyard you must pass to reach the church. According to legend if you shine your car lights in the window of the church you will see a statue. You must then turn the lights off, back up, honk twice(maybe it is flash your lights twice, I can't remember), then drive back up to the church and shine your lights back into the window. When you look this time the statue will have moved. It's all very freaky. Oh, and when you shine the lights your car has to be off. Anyway, after musical one night we decided to try out the church and we drove Erin McKay's car up to it. We did the little ritual and saw the statue. When we moved away and moved back, the statue, contrary to my belief that this would never work, the statue had indeed moved. Well, we FREAKED. It was really sacry and it was dark and there was a graveyard and everything. We piled back into the car and tried to leave, but the car wouldn't start. We tried three times (begining to panic and scream) but the car refused to start. Eventually someone else who had not looked in the window came and the car started automatically. We still have no idea why the car would not start for any of us.

3. If "Sally's" were a race, and there was a racial joke about them, how many of you would it take to screw in a lightbulb? Remember to say what each of you would do.
-->Well, if Sallys were a race I'm sure we would all look like camels (Sally the camel has two humps... I HATE THAT SONG grrrr!) So in that case it would only take one. We camels would be especially smart and would be able to raise our two humps to the lightbulb and use them in lieu of a hand therefore only needing one to remove and replace the bulb. We're special like that.

4. What's a memorable dream that you remember from when you were little?
--> Every night when I would go to sleep, for a few years at least, I would have a dream that I was in an elevator. Everyone used elevators in this dream, they took you everywhere. These elevators were huge rooms with couches and beds and everything. They went up and down and side to side, cool eh? Yeah well, in every dream they would go too fast and I would be throw up, then down inside the room and eventually I would just sort of float in the middle. You know the feeling of falling you get in dreams? I had that every night. That and they would start shaking and threaten to break. Hence why I am scared of elevators too.

5. Did you ever have a thing for Coleman? STORY!

--> Ohhh you just had to throw that one in didn't you?! Yes I had a "thing" for Coleman, but you ask him about it too! He was the same! I liked him off and on for about 7 years (more on than off sadly lol) The best thing was that we would each tell Tiffany Hodgin that we liked each other and she would just be like Oh really? and never tell us because she was in love with Coleman too. One time Jeanette told us that the first time she met Coleman he came up to her and was like "I like Sally", cute eh? Or not! Yeah so we liked each other but due to circumstances it just never ammounted to anything. Happy now!? :P

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Tonight everyone went out to the Ale house for a late supper (I recommend the kettle chips!) and to welcome home Juss, Megs and Emily from their Dominican trip. They are all tanned, it's so not fair! And they don't even get the rain that we've been having since it was beautiful today. Grr! I guess it's okay though since we have the sun now too. Oh no, I think I just jinxed it didn't I? Anyway! It was nice since it was Adam, Kelt, Andrew but also Jana, Juss, Kelsey etc. All of my friends were there which doesn't happen all that often. But what we realized was that a certain very special person was missing. Patrick Cahill Connelly. WE MISS YOU SO MUCH! It's just not the same having you and your camera here, because we all know there's no Patrick in the summer without the camera! Member when Patrick thought it would be fun to use it underwater and tried to devise a way (with plastic and duct tape I believe) to make it water friendly? As much as we love you, that was not one of your brightest moments my dear! I will say one thing though, at least Patrick and his camera will not be present if us girls decide that skinny dipping is fun again. Odd night! "I don't think I should be seeing this..."

Anyway, I was in a sad mood missing Patrick so I just thought I would let him know (if he can access the internet to read this that is!) I think I am going to give him a call tomorrow, anyone else in the Valley in on that one? In closing... WE LOVE PATRICK :D and bye kids!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

What's Up?

Last night was really fun! I went to the Mile with Lisa, Dawn, Amanda and Signa and we met Erin and Laragh in there. While we were at Lisa's Dawn and Amanda were making up dances for the night. Two of them were specifically designed to get boys who don't understand no to go away. The first was No! When you yell out no while raising your knee in front of you. The second is the What's Up? When you throw your leg and arms out in front of you while hopping backward and yell out What's Up? All of the yelling has to be done in man voice though. Let's just say it was entertaining :) Anyway, the night was awesome, I love hanging out with those girls and I haven't done it in a long time.

Jenn and I have decided that the Super Store is the equivalent of the KV mall. You can get anything there, and work out too! What more do you need? We definitely spent like 3 hours there yesterday, and only an hour of that was spent in the gym :) It was fun!

Happy Mother's Day today, which by the way sucks big time when you are trying to sleep after a night out and you have all of your seven sisters and brother calling multiple times from about 8:30 this morning until about 4 in the afternoon. I didn't even bother getting up since I knew the phone wasn't for me and mom wasn't home. She happens to be at Harbor Station hoping to be one of the 5000 extras picked to be in the crowd for the filming of the remake of the Canada versus Russia hockey game from a long time ago. Fun fun eh? Oh well, I love my momma, she's a nut!

That's about it! Talk to you all soon!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Yay for home!

Well I must say that being home has been fun. I miss school and all my friends there, don't get me wrong! But I love being home and all the people here... Annnnd the real food, you can't beat that! Except for the flooding, that's just getting outta hand! You should see the end of McKay's street! It's flooded far enough up so you can't get to the houses on the dead end. She put her kayak in across the street from her house, literally! Not even down the road where she usually has too! Geeze!

Went to the Mile on Saturday night and I don't remember much of that, but then again not many people remember much of that night so it's all good! The things I do remember are pretty funny though so I wish that I could hear about the rest of the night, but once again, most of us don't remember it so...! After the Mile some people came here and it was hilarious. It was pouring out when we were waiting for a cab and Thompson, Ram and Tyler's pants were soaked so they decided to put them in the dryer. Well, I think I was the only one who knew what was going on so the next morning Jussy looked at me all scared and was like, why was everyone only wearing boxers last night? It was great!

Last night I went to the movies with Erin, Jenn and Jana and it was a blast. I love you girls! PS everyone should go see the Interpreter! It was awesome! Anyway, we went in the party car home and Jenn and Erin put on a Wayne's World show for us, it was sweet haha :)

Tonight should be a good time too, Jana, Aaron and I (more are coming just not sure who lol) are going out to the AQ. lol and Jan might have to sacrifice herself for my cause, but that's another story ;) Well, I'm off! Have fun with the one day of sun we have!