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Sunday, May 08, 2005

What's Up?

Last night was really fun! I went to the Mile with Lisa, Dawn, Amanda and Signa and we met Erin and Laragh in there. While we were at Lisa's Dawn and Amanda were making up dances for the night. Two of them were specifically designed to get boys who don't understand no to go away. The first was No! When you yell out no while raising your knee in front of you. The second is the What's Up? When you throw your leg and arms out in front of you while hopping backward and yell out What's Up? All of the yelling has to be done in man voice though. Let's just say it was entertaining :) Anyway, the night was awesome, I love hanging out with those girls and I haven't done it in a long time.

Jenn and I have decided that the Super Store is the equivalent of the KV mall. You can get anything there, and work out too! What more do you need? We definitely spent like 3 hours there yesterday, and only an hour of that was spent in the gym :) It was fun!

Happy Mother's Day today, which by the way sucks big time when you are trying to sleep after a night out and you have all of your seven sisters and brother calling multiple times from about 8:30 this morning until about 4 in the afternoon. I didn't even bother getting up since I knew the phone wasn't for me and mom wasn't home. She happens to be at Harbor Station hoping to be one of the 5000 extras picked to be in the crowd for the filming of the remake of the Canada versus Russia hockey game from a long time ago. Fun fun eh? Oh well, I love my momma, she's a nut!

That's about it! Talk to you all soon!


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