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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Yay for home!

Well I must say that being home has been fun. I miss school and all my friends there, don't get me wrong! But I love being home and all the people here... Annnnd the real food, you can't beat that! Except for the flooding, that's just getting outta hand! You should see the end of McKay's street! It's flooded far enough up so you can't get to the houses on the dead end. She put her kayak in across the street from her house, literally! Not even down the road where she usually has too! Geeze!

Went to the Mile on Saturday night and I don't remember much of that, but then again not many people remember much of that night so it's all good! The things I do remember are pretty funny though so I wish that I could hear about the rest of the night, but once again, most of us don't remember it so...! After the Mile some people came here and it was hilarious. It was pouring out when we were waiting for a cab and Thompson, Ram and Tyler's pants were soaked so they decided to put them in the dryer. Well, I think I was the only one who knew what was going on so the next morning Jussy looked at me all scared and was like, why was everyone only wearing boxers last night? It was great!

Last night I went to the movies with Erin, Jenn and Jana and it was a blast. I love you girls! PS everyone should go see the Interpreter! It was awesome! Anyway, we went in the party car home and Jenn and Erin put on a Wayne's World show for us, it was sweet haha :)

Tonight should be a good time too, Jana, Aaron and I (more are coming just not sure who lol) are going out to the AQ. lol and Jan might have to sacrifice herself for my cause, but that's another story ;) Well, I'm off! Have fun with the one day of sun we have!


At 10:09 p.m., Blogger Jenn said...

Gurl that was a good night!!! No one can do a Wayne's World like Mckay and Jenn!!!!Woooooot we love the party car!


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