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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Wow, I'm slack!

So I am ridiculously slack eh? I haven't updated in almost a month! I really haven't done anythign interesting to write about though, besides starting work at Dairy Queen again. FUN! How is it that after only TWO weeks back Tim has decided that it is all my fault that everyone is wearing sneakers (white ones at that, how horrible eh?) again. My thoughts on this matter? Tim, I do not, have never and will never have that much influence over the store! Grrr... wow I need a better job. I stood in the shower for ten minutes the other day trying to wash hot fudge off of my arm... then I realized I was actually trying to wash freckles off of my arm.. How sad that my job has tried to make me wash off my own skin...

I have even been slack on reading blogs lately, I mean, I just read about a months worth of Patrick's blogs (and let me just say that they were wonderfully fantastically grrrreat!) and I once again realized how much I miss him. Come home soon! ALTHOUGH now that I think of it it seems to me that Jenn mentioned a visit?? YAY!!

Anyway, this summer has been progressing much better than any other that I can remember (other than the lack of a one Patrick Connolly). This is the first summer that I have pictures of me with my friends, rather than me looking at pictures and wondering where I was when they were taken. This is my first summer in about 4 years that I can say that I have spent more time with my friends than with my family/working and I am loving it! haha speaking of which, I am a huge scammer! Count em, only ONE Saturday night has been spent at the DQ this summer and that was only until 8 and I am pretty sure that I got off early. I have been taking random Friday night shifts so that I am able to go out on Saturday night (Tim doesn't work us both nights thank God!). Kinda sucks that I never have a Friday night off but really, Saturday night is the night to go out!

I have SOO many pictures from this summer, most of which are posted on Jenn's blog ( but there is at least one photo shoot that can't be seen there. If my computer didn't suck horribly then I would download hello and post them, but of course it does. Until then you can view them on my my space on MSN!

OH! Fancy!!! I haven't forgotten about you! I just hope you still read and check this! I will comment on yours to prompt you!
Questions eh?
1. How did you get my MSN and keep talking to me though you did not know me?
2. Who would win in a fight, a monkey or a squirrel? Explain.
3. What came first, the chicken or the egg?
4. Since about 30 years ago when asked what the year 2000 would look like hover cars were the main answer. How have they not been invented if the idea has been around that long?
5. If you could be a super hero what would your name be and what special powers would you have?

Well, since nothing new is going on in my life c'est tout pour la moment! Oh! by the way, I need to talk more french because I am COMPLETELY losing my ability to write and converse in it, and it is mixing dangerously with my spanish and that isn't even that great! haha and yes there is one more thing that ppl have been asking me about but I don't know so quit bugging me about it! lol jk, but honeslty I don't have the answers, only one person knows that and it's not me! OH! Two more last things, I was driving around with Jana, Justine and Aaron last night and all of a sudden, on our way down the hill toward Ritchie Lake Jana and Justine let out these blood curtling screams. I of course JUMP in the backseat and try desperately to see what we are driving toward in the road wondering WHY THE HELL ARE WE STILL MOVING AND NOT STOPPING FOR WHATEVER MADE THEM SCREAM?!?! Oh yeah that's because they saw a TWIG on the road and it scared them. That's right kids, a twig. Riight... That and Libby HATES us. You know Libby, the girl who works at Subway? I can't remember her last name but she wasnts us dead! We come in almost everynight pretty close to closing (that just happens to be when we are hungry!) and of course it's usually me, Jan, Juss and Emo so we have at least 3 usually 4 SEPERATE orders. Well, yesterday when we were in the store she called us on it and was like YOU ALWAYS HAVE SO MANY FRIGGEN ORDERS while she threw the subs around. At least its better than that time she threw our drink around and filled the cups full of ice before putting a drop of pop in. I tell you, she doesn't think too fondly of us.

This time je suis serieux (Dear God I hope Lucas doesn't read this and want to die because of my horrible french) j'ai fini, a la prochain! <3 Slacker Sal