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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Okay, I know I am slack

I am honestly writing the same blog on here and on my space on MSN (which everyone should check out cuz there's a TON of pics up!) But it's all my fun times from the summer!

That's right, my name is Big Red... OR NOT! haha Well, just a few things that have made me laugh this summer and just some general good times and quotes!


seven... Seven... SeVeN.... SEVEN!!!

Some boys should come with warning lights... "Up to no good!"

Megs is a fire crotch! did we ever figure that one out??

Who's bright idea was the marker?!

Emily, bears don't climb poles... and aren't living on your street~
Well, is it a skunk?!
Ummm pretty sure they don't either!... Wait, Em, it's your cat

Styrofoam Popcorn

Child locks made for the obese children of America

Sallywag. Ferdinand. McChicken. Flash. Ohhh the nicknames!

One tequilla, Two tequilla (free!) Three Tequilla.. four five the floor!

Baking cakes, pizza, cookies... FOOD!

COME INSIDE! I DON'T FEEL LIKE TAKING 4 ORDERS ON DRIVE THRU! Libby hates us but we love Subway!

Aaron!! Quit callin ppl midgets!! Bookaki!

And all I heard was "Okay, I'm taking off my shirt!" "K, can I take off my pants?" "Sure, I'm takin off my bra..." Prety sure they woke up naked

All the cuddling lol

Booty calls lol

Just quit being shy, take the leap, i'll be here to catch you!

Boardwalk? Yeah sure, but I'm pretty sure I hate Cougars!

Random Amusement Ride @ the Boradwalk "You'll go where I put you!!"


2 hour random drunk walk in HaliWait, Hali in general!

What happened to her?I'VE BEEN DUMPED!!! ~ The Superstore guy loves us!

Can't forget the hat war at the AQ!!

Pretty sure if you look at our pics you'd think it was me not Jane..

And for the LAST time, NO I am NOT bigger than you Justine!!!!

Ohh the bread stick... Limbo right guys?!?

They [braceles] don't mean anything if you don't play the game, and I don't... but just the same you're not allowed to look at the meanings

Butt pics, signed and delivered at that!

NO! What's UP? haha love those dances girls

Why weren't they wearing pants? And Brad was here? Cooking eggs... with no shirt on.. ?

Margarita Monday ~ Hi, I'm Mike from Ontario! This is my friend Pete! ~ No I will NOT wear the sunbraro!

Oh no!!! I just peed on my ID!! haha I'll just give it to the bouncer and wipe it on him ~ good plan!!


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