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Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

So Saturday night a bunch of us got together here and got all dressed up for Halloween, and it was a ton of fun! (Though not as much as the drunken newfie party I am sure!) By the end of it there was Angel (me), Angel (Bry), Devil (Beth), Satan (Jason), Fairy (Sarah), Surfer Chick (boy Shannon), Halloween (Nessa), Leonardo from TMNJ (Richard), Ghostbuster (Brett, who had the BEST costume!), Angel/Devil (Gabrielle), Christmas (Brittney Smith from home!!), Dead Bridesmaid (Heather who also had an AWESOME costume) and of course the Chick Magnet (name unknown but I loved the costume even though I have seen it before, and he was walking around drinking his quart of vodka straight, so he's got to have recognition!). Well, somehow we were all in my room at some point in time, so that was fun! Even though I have decided that my room is not fit for that ammount of ppl. When I got home that night I stared at my bed and refused to look around till morning, at which time I remembered that a massive tornado had swept my room the night before. Fun times cleaning that one up!

Oh! We made our massive (already haunted) house into Spook trail!! It was so neat! I went through with the judges and Brittney and we were freaked out! I loved it! Ahh the memories! They even had the piles of leaves in one thing so it even smelt slightly like rotting just like home!

Hmmm I wanna rake leaves and jump in them, that hasn't happened in too long. BUT I did get to see people carving pumpkins! I was supposed to too but I really didnt want to hurt myself with the knives, too much of a clutz.

Ooo! I go home for Rememberance day and that's right kids, I get to DRIVE back! I am getting my car for a week! Sweet! Guess its only fair since mom is not using it cuz she's going to be in Hawaii... jerk! just joking but honestly my mom travels way too much without me! I am using it to its fullest and taking it to Halifax to see the new Harry Potter movie! I am PUMPED! If you love Harry Potter go to and see the new trailer! It is GREAT! haha wow, just reread that sentence and I am pretty sure there is a huge neon sign above my head flashing DORK! DORK! Ah well, at least I admit it!

Anywho! Time to do some real work ugh! I'll post soon!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

lol its not as bad as it seems!

See now I don't see anything wrong with that pic, its not even HALF as bad as like all of the ones I have with the girls, but you wouldn't believe how many "Ummm, were you drunk at least?" comments I got! Oh well! Nothing important going on here yet, just getting ready to be an angel for Halloween! Suit me well? haha oh dear! I'll write more after the weekend! ciao!

PS thanks! I was hoping that I didn't look different. I will inform these ppl that they are insane. All that changed is that I got all growed up and not as little preppy girl as I used to be, much more daring now!

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Not too much going on here again, we had quite the uneventful weekend! I didn't go out at all, well, cept Thursday cuz that was beach party at the pub with imported sand and everything! But Friday and Saturday I spent here. Remind me not to stay up till 7 anymore! Even though it was for a good cause (protecting my friend from someone of the opposite sex) I am still tired and that was two days ago!
OOoO!! haha one interesting thing happened! Brittany Smith lives on my floor, from KV? Anyway, she has this bf who is always here and he never talks much but then on Friday night he comes up to me, drunk, and goes, "You went to Kennebecasis Valley High didn't you?" and I was like yes.... He proceded to tell me that Brittany told him that and that he went there too but I didn't remeber him and he didn't remember me. Then he said his name was Greg Lawson. I all of a sudden remembered him as a little boy with a rat tail that was in my 3/4 split in Lakefield. Weird eh? I've known this kid forever and I didn't even recognize him at all! AND on the same day someone added me to a friends network and was like "I'm Joe, I'm 20 years old and just moved to Moncton NB for school" haha I looked closer and sure enough, Joe Munford from KV. lol I sounded like a creepy stalker cuz I messaged him back saying "You used to live in Quispam" He didn't take it too bad, well, at least not after he remembered who I was, he's another kid I have known all my life and didn't recognize at first!
Oh! Question--> Do I really look that different since high school?? I mean that's two ppl that said I do but I don't think I look different at all! If you read this please leave a comment with your opinion and if you are talking to other ppl ask them because I am weirded out by this!
The girls didn't make it up this weekend BUT I am hoping that they can come up soon, hopefully for the pub crawl for my house from last year, I am crossing my fingers!
Well, after two late nights I am taking a nap and then getting back to studying nutrition, later days!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Thanksgiving Pics

If anything exciting come up I'll post pics from that, but for now just some random ones from Thanksgiving! We went out all three nights but I didn't label which are from which night, doesn't really matter, it was all a good time!

PS The M&M had a name, Bob George Mimi II, catchy eh? lol

haha the chair doesn't hold two apparently!

haha I love this picture! Don't worry, Mimi just likes sour cream a lot

Me and Jussy

Juss, Megs and me before the bar one night

Me and Juss after the bar


Monday, October 17, 2005

Pati called me a jerk so here I go!

I'm not gonna lie, I forgot to post on here. From time to time I was like, damn I should post but then I had other stuff to do, like school and go out. Anyway! The year thus far has been great, nothing too too special, I have a SLACK course load though, that's fun! How is it that a nursing student gets to have only one classs tuesday and only one every other Friday? I think I am defying some sort of law but I am not going to question it anymore, I like it!
I went home for Thanksgiving and had some wonderful adventures, ie seeing Adam's nipple ring :P hahah fun times! I stayed at Jana, Emily and Mimi's apartment for most of the time so that was fun! I love the girls! haha on the last day there Juss and Mimi stole a cat, it was great. It was wandering around outside and they thought, "Hey! he's cute! let's get him and bring him into the apartment!" So they did. He had a few names, generally kitten or kitty cat got his attention though. Damn cute cat! (yes we let it go :P)
Oh! haha other misadventures have occured but I don't have time or patience to write them, except one. I came home for Thanksgiving and while in the car on the way to town Megs looks at me and says "sooo... Who's Pat? are you going out? what's going on there!?" and the rest of the third degree. I nearly died laughing. My name for the past few weeks had been stuff to do with Pat ie Good luck Pat! Pat I'll take St. Martha's out for you! (the local hospital) and the like. What happened was one night when we were going out drinking Pat said "I'll be right back!" and tried to leave. We all protested because everytime he leaves before we go out he never makes it to the bar, something always happens. Anyway, he says I promise to be back in 5 minutes and throws me his insulin pump (yepp, you guessed it, he's diabetic) as insurance that he had to come back. Anyway, Pat takes off and leaves me with his pump. So we sit around for about 10 or 15 more minutes before we start wondering where he is. A girl shows up in the door and asks for Sally. I say that's me! and she asks me to bring Pat his pump. We all objected because we figured he was off somewhere and wasn't going to go to the bar. The girl then says "well.. he's passed out in my hall" So, I booter over there and find a white faced Pat. I was freaking out saying I TOLD YOU NOT TO LEAVE YOUR PUMP! and hes like I think I broke my legs. I looked confused and he explained that he had jumped from first floor over a railing and down to the basement floor, proceeding to smash his left foot and sprain his right. Wow, long story but the moral is, unless you want to be in a wheelchair/crutches for 2-3 months dont be a dumbass when drunk! annnd I am not going out with Pat haha
Well, way too much written, I'll start updating again, but its no fun when nobody comments, so if there's no comments again I am stopping again :P