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Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

So Saturday night a bunch of us got together here and got all dressed up for Halloween, and it was a ton of fun! (Though not as much as the drunken newfie party I am sure!) By the end of it there was Angel (me), Angel (Bry), Devil (Beth), Satan (Jason), Fairy (Sarah), Surfer Chick (boy Shannon), Halloween (Nessa), Leonardo from TMNJ (Richard), Ghostbuster (Brett, who had the BEST costume!), Angel/Devil (Gabrielle), Christmas (Brittney Smith from home!!), Dead Bridesmaid (Heather who also had an AWESOME costume) and of course the Chick Magnet (name unknown but I loved the costume even though I have seen it before, and he was walking around drinking his quart of vodka straight, so he's got to have recognition!). Well, somehow we were all in my room at some point in time, so that was fun! Even though I have decided that my room is not fit for that ammount of ppl. When I got home that night I stared at my bed and refused to look around till morning, at which time I remembered that a massive tornado had swept my room the night before. Fun times cleaning that one up!

Oh! We made our massive (already haunted) house into Spook trail!! It was so neat! I went through with the judges and Brittney and we were freaked out! I loved it! Ahh the memories! They even had the piles of leaves in one thing so it even smelt slightly like rotting just like home!

Hmmm I wanna rake leaves and jump in them, that hasn't happened in too long. BUT I did get to see people carving pumpkins! I was supposed to too but I really didnt want to hurt myself with the knives, too much of a clutz.

Ooo! I go home for Rememberance day and that's right kids, I get to DRIVE back! I am getting my car for a week! Sweet! Guess its only fair since mom is not using it cuz she's going to be in Hawaii... jerk! just joking but honestly my mom travels way too much without me! I am using it to its fullest and taking it to Halifax to see the new Harry Potter movie! I am PUMPED! If you love Harry Potter go to and see the new trailer! It is GREAT! haha wow, just reread that sentence and I am pretty sure there is a huge neon sign above my head flashing DORK! DORK! Ah well, at least I admit it!

Anywho! Time to do some real work ugh! I'll post soon!


At 9:56 p.m., Blogger pat said...

Ok, so I'm finally getting around to commenting on your blog again... I was a chick magnet too!!! Well, at least last year I was...
but onto other things: BOOOOOO... Sally, you should've been something original for Halloween! Pffft... angel? How typical. I am not impressed Sal. You've more creative than that! Next year when you're trying to think of a costume, call me, and I'll help you think up a good idea :)

Later Sally!
Patrick (hearts) Sally

At 4:38 p.m., Blogger Sally said...

I heart my Pati as well! And I was original last year, but I mean, we had a whole crew going out as heaven versus hell so it was ok!


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