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Sunday, October 23, 2005


Not too much going on here again, we had quite the uneventful weekend! I didn't go out at all, well, cept Thursday cuz that was beach party at the pub with imported sand and everything! But Friday and Saturday I spent here. Remind me not to stay up till 7 anymore! Even though it was for a good cause (protecting my friend from someone of the opposite sex) I am still tired and that was two days ago!
OOoO!! haha one interesting thing happened! Brittany Smith lives on my floor, from KV? Anyway, she has this bf who is always here and he never talks much but then on Friday night he comes up to me, drunk, and goes, "You went to Kennebecasis Valley High didn't you?" and I was like yes.... He proceded to tell me that Brittany told him that and that he went there too but I didn't remeber him and he didn't remember me. Then he said his name was Greg Lawson. I all of a sudden remembered him as a little boy with a rat tail that was in my 3/4 split in Lakefield. Weird eh? I've known this kid forever and I didn't even recognize him at all! AND on the same day someone added me to a friends network and was like "I'm Joe, I'm 20 years old and just moved to Moncton NB for school" haha I looked closer and sure enough, Joe Munford from KV. lol I sounded like a creepy stalker cuz I messaged him back saying "You used to live in Quispam" He didn't take it too bad, well, at least not after he remembered who I was, he's another kid I have known all my life and didn't recognize at first!
Oh! Question--> Do I really look that different since high school?? I mean that's two ppl that said I do but I don't think I look different at all! If you read this please leave a comment with your opinion and if you are talking to other ppl ask them because I am weirded out by this!
The girls didn't make it up this weekend BUT I am hoping that they can come up soon, hopefully for the pub crawl for my house from last year, I am crossing my fingers!
Well, after two late nights I am taking a nap and then getting back to studying nutrition, later days!


At 5:27 p.m., Blogger gillian said...

I don't think you look different!

...(do I??)

At 7:13 a.m., Anonymous Lucas said...


I don't think you look particularly different. But I guess I've known you since you were 12 and am used to you changing (those tricky hormones...)

ANYWAY - I never see anyone from KV. I know there are several - just within downtown - but I never run into them.I guess it's just not fated to be. I hope everything is going well and I suggest you get your little white ass to Montréal to visit me.

A la prochaine.

At 10:13 p.m., Blogger pat said...

WHAT? I'm not really sure what those people mean... like different how so? In other words, I don't think you look any different, aside from the regular "growing up" differences that everyone seems to go through but no one seems to notice :)

At 12:42 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

So a) No you don't look different
b) stay away from Joe
d) I might be a liiiiittle drunk but still. I havn't seen you in waaaaay too long!

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