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Monday, October 17, 2005

Pati called me a jerk so here I go!

I'm not gonna lie, I forgot to post on here. From time to time I was like, damn I should post but then I had other stuff to do, like school and go out. Anyway! The year thus far has been great, nothing too too special, I have a SLACK course load though, that's fun! How is it that a nursing student gets to have only one classs tuesday and only one every other Friday? I think I am defying some sort of law but I am not going to question it anymore, I like it!
I went home for Thanksgiving and had some wonderful adventures, ie seeing Adam's nipple ring :P hahah fun times! I stayed at Jana, Emily and Mimi's apartment for most of the time so that was fun! I love the girls! haha on the last day there Juss and Mimi stole a cat, it was great. It was wandering around outside and they thought, "Hey! he's cute! let's get him and bring him into the apartment!" So they did. He had a few names, generally kitten or kitty cat got his attention though. Damn cute cat! (yes we let it go :P)
Oh! haha other misadventures have occured but I don't have time or patience to write them, except one. I came home for Thanksgiving and while in the car on the way to town Megs looks at me and says "sooo... Who's Pat? are you going out? what's going on there!?" and the rest of the third degree. I nearly died laughing. My name for the past few weeks had been stuff to do with Pat ie Good luck Pat! Pat I'll take St. Martha's out for you! (the local hospital) and the like. What happened was one night when we were going out drinking Pat said "I'll be right back!" and tried to leave. We all protested because everytime he leaves before we go out he never makes it to the bar, something always happens. Anyway, he says I promise to be back in 5 minutes and throws me his insulin pump (yepp, you guessed it, he's diabetic) as insurance that he had to come back. Anyway, Pat takes off and leaves me with his pump. So we sit around for about 10 or 15 more minutes before we start wondering where he is. A girl shows up in the door and asks for Sally. I say that's me! and she asks me to bring Pat his pump. We all objected because we figured he was off somewhere and wasn't going to go to the bar. The girl then says "well.. he's passed out in my hall" So, I booter over there and find a white faced Pat. I was freaking out saying I TOLD YOU NOT TO LEAVE YOUR PUMP! and hes like I think I broke my legs. I looked confused and he explained that he had jumped from first floor over a railing and down to the basement floor, proceeding to smash his left foot and sprain his right. Wow, long story but the moral is, unless you want to be in a wheelchair/crutches for 2-3 months dont be a dumbass when drunk! annnd I am not going out with Pat haha
Well, way too much written, I'll start updating again, but its no fun when nobody comments, so if there's no comments again I am stopping again :P


At 4:37 a.m., Blogger pat said...

SALLY! lol that story's hilarious! I like the part how he has my name... it makes it more exciting!

And yeah, I heard about the nipple ring. We webcammed and he showed me, so I've had the full Adam-thing-with-the-nipple-ring experience! It makes me happy that you wrote something, but if you don't have time, don't feel like you've got to just cause I called you a jerk. I mean, don't get me wrong... you'll still be a jerk, but still...

And hey -- you should post pictures when meg and justine come over!

Anyway, I've had my piece... later Sally! Miss yoooooouuu!


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