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Saturday, November 12, 2005


Nothing too much has been going on lately, except the Plessis Pub Crawl, which was fun but not too eventful :) I'll post some pics when I get back to my computer, since I am currently at home, YAY! The most that happened was that my drunken Newfie friend disappeared for hours at a time. First we were all drinking at Lane House and he and a friend Sarah Kinch went off for a bit, about an hour or an hour and a half later they show up at the Inn. We stayed there (which was funny, I talked to Jose for about a half hour and made fun of him a whole lot, gotta love having the upper hand on a kid that's built like a little tank) Anyway we all decided to leave the Inn and catch up with everyone at the Pub, but we were stopping at Mount (my room) for a bit first. SOMEWHERE in there Rich left us, we have no idea where or when, or maybe that's just me, someone inform me please! Anyway, he doesn't even remember what happened there cuz I talked to him later when he was more cohherant. So we get to the pub and I swear, the crowd parted and there was Rich lumbering across the dance floor with a glazed look in his eyes, right at us. It was fate I tell ya! Still don't know why he left us though lol I do know that we missed all my girls from last year for the crawl, they went to Pats bar first, then skipped Inn and went to Pub but we missed them. And yes, our town is small enough that there is only 3 bars for the whole pub crawl, but it's always a good time!! Anyway! I will post tomorrow or Monday about this whole weekend. Later gators!


At 6:42 p.m., Blogger pat said...

Hey Sally, who's your crazy drunken Newfie friend? I should visit... the I can assume my rightful place as your NEW crazy drunken Newfie friend.
Huh? Not a Newfie, you say? whatever maaaaaan...
Later Sal :D

At 1:04 a.m., Anonymous Lucas said...


Crazy drunkeness? That's my girl. Remember to keep it legitimate though - don't let some suave little grotsky touch the goods when your loaded. I will send you a can of Mace (or perhaps just a mace) for Christmas. It will be wonderful. You can blind whomsoever you should like to.

I am going to play now. I hope everything is well. Life is good.

Love Lucas

ps - Come to Montréal


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