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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I suck**Just found this unfinished and unposted

I officially suck at keeping this blog updated! But I will try harder! I am doing better than the summer at least!

Wow, where to begin!

So I have been home quite a few nights this year, which is good for my health! The first was Thanksgiving weekend which was fun! I think I may have seen my mother twice, the rest of the time was spent at Jana, Emo and Mimi's apartment. I feel like they are so grown up, all moved out and living on their own. I am so jealous of all you kids that don't live at home! Well, not that I have such a bad set up at home, I just don't think I can take another summer of "Sally, I can't keep your hours!" lol but you all know I love my mommy more than life itself (dork = me)


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